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XE is a leading money transfer company and is part of Euronet Worldwide which is traded on the NASDAQ in the United States of America. XE does not charge fees on the transactions and exchange rates for both personal and business money transfers are competitive. XE also sends notifications via email and SMS so you know exactly where your money is.


Regulatory approval in every country that XE operates in, including FinCen in the USA, the FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia and the FMA in New Zealand.


60 currencies (170 countries)

Personal Money Transfers

XE money transfers can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a computer or smartphone (internet or app). Security of transactions are also important to XE and they use enterprise-grade security take the greatest of care in ensuring the safety of XE Money Transfer service.

Each year 33,000 people and trust XE to handle their currency exchange requirements.

No Fees

Great exchange rates and no money transfer fees make XE money transfers an attractive service.

Speed of transactions

The speed of transfers ranges from 0 to 3 days depending on the countries and currencies being traded.

Business Money Transfers

XE business account offers competitve exchange rates for businesses. For example, financial institutions and leading brands that use the services of Euronext group (the owners of XE.com) include Apple, Google, Amazon, PayPal and Walmart.

Over 6,000 businesses each year trust and use XE Money Transfers. These businesses range from small start-ups to large corporations.

Uncertainty and volatile foreign exchange markets

Spot exchange rates - live rate quotes for immediate payments

Market orders - Target a specific rate and trade only at the target rate. With this XE service you select the target exchange rate for that will accept for your money transfer. When this target is reached, your XE money transfer will be traded at that exchange rate.

Forward contracts - this XE service enables you to lock in todays exchange rate for a transaction dated up to 3 years in the future. An example scenario where you may use this service is if you are buying a property abroad costing for example £150,000 but you do not want to transfer the money today. You can however lock in today's exchange rate for your XE money transfer in the future (up to 3 years) by using the forward contract service.

Currency experts provide insights and information for your business

Experts are also available to answer your currency market questions. To help you make informed decisions XE will discuss your currency needs and provide guidance on the likely or expected direction of the currency markets.