Best Money Transfer App to Download

Download money transfer apps to make money transfers on your smartphone. The leading money transfer companies offer their currency exchange services on your mobile device. Transfer money from your bank account to your international money transfer account using a currency app so no matter where you are you will always have access to transferring money around the world, between your own international bank accounts or just send money to friends and family abroad.

Below is the number of downloads of each app which highlights the popularity of the money transfer app.

XE app 10,000,000 installations on mobile devices Sign Up
TransferWise app 1,000,000 installations on mobile devices Sign Up
WorldRemit app 1,000,000+ installations on mobile devices Sign Up
OFX app 100,000+ installations on mobile devices Sign Up
FairFX app 50,000 installations on mobile devices Sign Up
CurrencyFair app 10,000+ installations on mobile devices Sign Up
Currencies Direct app 5,000+ installations on mobile devices Sign Up
moneycorp app 5,000+ installations on mobile devices Sign Up

Where can I download a money transfer app?: If you sign up first by click the "Sign Up" links above you will then be able to log in to your account once you have downloaded the money transfer app.

Is a money transfer app available for my Android or Apple iPhone device?: Each money transfer app is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones.

Money Transfer App Download

Before downloading a currency app you will probably want to decide the best money transfer company for your particular requirements. Use our money transfer comparison to find the best money transfer company and read our money transfer review pages (click the money transfer comparison link above to gain access to all reviews pages) which help guide you to finding the best money transfer company and also then you will have also found the best money transfer app for your needs (saving you the most money or finding a currency provider which offers the currency exchange services you are seeking).

The best money transfer app

The best money transfer app download depends on what you expect from the currency exchange provider. Some currency providers do not offer travel money. Others cater particularly well for large money transfers.

XE app - The XE money transfer app is the most popular and has had the most downloads. You can use the currency converter and view currency graphs and more.

TransferWise app - The TransferWise money transfer app is also a very popular money transfer app. TransferWise is best when you are transferring relatively small amounts of money. If you are transferring large amounts you will probably save more money by using Currencies Direct, moneycorp, OFX or XE, for example.

Currencies Direct app - The Currencies Direct money transfer app allows you to manage recipients and payment methods easily and quickly. This mobile device app allows you to transfer currency directly from your mobile phone.

moneycorp app - The moneycorp app can be used to fund your explorer prepaid top-up card (travel money card). You can also make international money transfers using the currency transfer app. Biometric access lets you use your fingerprint to login to your account. You can fund you account using the app with your debit card. Once you have opened a FREE currency account with moneycorp you can also choose receive e-mail or SMS text messages regarding your target exchange rate. Simply select the target rate and you will be notified by your chosen contact method once the target exchange rate is reached. You can then choose whether or not to make a currency conversion.

Currency Converter App

If you just want to view historical charts and use a currency converter you can do this with money transfer apps however you may like to also search for "currency converter apps" which are available that do not offer money transfer services (you can get these free but often they feature adverts. Other paid for currency converter apps do not feature ads however).

Alternatives to using money transfer apps

If you are not familiar with apps and how to install them or you simply prefer not to download and use currency apps then there are numerous alternative methods to make currency transactions online.

Internet access via Tablet, PC, Mac or Laptop - If you prefer a larger screen than a mobile device simply log on to the money transfer providers website and log in to make currency payments online. Some, less popular currencies are not available via online money transfer accounts. Instead you will need to call them but it is often best to sign up online first as it may not be possible to sign up and open an account over the telephone.

Telephone - Call the money transfer company to make an International Money Transfer. You may like to compare money transfer companies before deciding to call? If this is the case simply view our comparison to help you make your choice, sign up online and then you can call them with your account details to make currency transactions over the phone. Please note that some currencies are not available online and you will have to call them to arrange the foreign currency transaction(s). Signing up online is often easier than opening a money transfer account over the telephone so you may like to visit their website and sign up before you call (you can then quote to them your currency account details).

Visit the money transfer company - Some money transfer companies have shops, Bureaux de Change locations and other some have offices that you can visit to arrange your currency payments. Check the website for more details or call them up to arrange a time to meet to discuss your needs (this service is not available through all money transfer providers).

Is it cheaper to use a money transfer company compared with using my local bank to make the money transfer?: Your bank exchange rates will not be as good as the exchange rates available through money transfer companies. This is because they have expertise in achieving the best rates. Not only can you save thousands of pounds of currency if you are buying a property abroad, you can usually save money on small money transfers (for example TransferWise offer very competitive exchange rates when transferring up to £10,000). A local bank will have no facilities to help you with the timing of the currency transfer compared to a money transfer company that does employ currency exchange experts to guide you in terms of currency market changes. Another reason money transfer companies offer better exchange rates is that they do not have branches all over the country (which you local bank does). Without the need to pay rent on thousands of offices around the country these money transfer companies often only have offices in major cities around the world which is cheaper to manage. The added benefit to having offices around the world is they can also help you whichever country you are in. You may for example be transferring money from Spain to the United Kingdom. In this case you can often speak with a Spanish representative in the Spain to help send money to the UK. Alternatively, if you speak English, you could call the London office to make the transaction. Even if you ultimately make the currency transaction online over the Internet, you may find it useful to speak with a customer help team before setting up the transfer of currency. As as example of a company that offers 24/7 customer support, OFX is always available over the telephone to help you compared with other money transfer companies that do not have a 24/7 helpline. You will certainly not find a local bank with 24/7 support to help with currency exchange problems, solutions or general help.