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FairFX Money Transfers Summary

Feature Explained
Number of currencies 14+ View all
Time to complete money transfer 1-3 days
Minimum and maximum money transfer


Fund account with Bank account transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card
Personal Money Transfers Yes View comparison
Business Money Transfers Yes View comparison
Small Money Transfers (below £1,000) Yes View comparison
Travel Money Yes View comparison
Foreign currency delivery service Yes, for amounts over £750 Sign up for a FREE account
Transfer money online Yes Sign up for a FREE account
Transfer money using app Yes Read about apps
Transfer money on telephone Yes
24/7 Support No
Currency provider information Only available to UK and European customers
Regulated by: FCA
Risk management tools Yes Read more about risk control

Potential alternatives to Currencies Direct

We rate FairFX number 2 Travel Money for UK customers however there are some reasons for considering other money transfer companys:

Transferwise can be better for small money transfers (lower than £2,000). Although they will not deliver to your home address (unlike FairFX who will for FREE over £750) they use the mid-market exchange rate meaning you could save more money with a TransferWise currency account.

moneycorp trade in 120 currencies compared with 14 offered by FairFX plus Travel Money is also available via moneycorp for UK customers only.

OFX is ideal for sending large money transfers so if you are buying a property abroad, starting an international business or alike you should consider OFX.

FairFX Money Transfers Explained:

How competitive are FairFX exchange rates?

FairFX does not have expensive Bureaux de Change locations nor offices around the country. They can therefore save money and pass the saving on to customer in terms of better exchange rates compared with using your local bank or Bureau de Change. FairFX are also the only Travel Cash provider as they will deliver to your home address amounts over £750 with no delivery charge.

FairFX Personal Money Transfers and Risk Management

FairFX offer Personal Money Transfers, Travel Cards and Travel Cash delivered for your home address for FREE for orders over £750 (£5 when ordering between £500 and £750 and £7.50 for orders below £500. Saturday delivery starts at £3.00 - Orders received by 1:00pm are delivered next day). Customers have access to their account 24/7. Since the launch of the Travel Cards (available to UK customers) they have signed up over 500,000 currency account cards. A "Family and Friends Card" is also available.

They do not provide currency fluctuation (exposure to risk) management tools. If you want to use currency risk management tools such as Forward contracts you should consider OFX, moneycorp and Currencies Direct.

FairFX Business Money Transfers

FairFX provide Corporate Prepaid Travel Cards for businesses with great rates for topping up. FairFX provide international money transfers to business customers (they currently have around 5,000 business customers). If you are a large business with frequent payments abroad you can manage your currency transfers online 24/7. However, if you are making very large money transfers for high value goods and services a company like moneycorp or Currencies Direct will likely be able achieve better exchange rates. This is due to the fact that moneycorp, for example, deals in billions of pounds each year and this higher than FairFX figure means they can source better exchange rates for high value money transfers.

Download FairFX app

FairFX provide a currency app for customers to make currency transactions. It is best to Sign Up online before downloading the app whereby you can log in to the app once signed up. Compare money transer apps.

Is FairFX ideal for small money transfers or Holiday Money

FairFX provides currency conversions from Sterling and Euro currencies. Travel money and Currency Travel Cards are only available to UK customers. You can also arrange for cash to be delivered to our home address for orders over £750. International Money Transfers start from £100

Can I target an exchange rate with Fair FX?

You can register for FairFX's Rate Watch Service which monitors your chosen exchange rate and informs you when the exchange rate moves in your favour. This service is ideal if you do not need to travel money today or you can wait to make an International Money Transfer whereby you may be able to achieve the best exchange rate.

Which currencies, countries and regions does FairFX offer money transfers to and from

Sterling and Euro currency conversions can be made to:

Czech Koruna
South African Rand
New Zealand Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Swiss France
US Dollar
Bulgarian Lev
Indian Rupee
Australian Dollar
Romanian New Leu
Polish Zloty
Japanese Yen