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Currencies Direct Money Transfers Summary

Feature Explained
Number of currencies 40+ View all
Time to complete money transfer 1-3 days
Minimum and maximum money transfer


Fund account with Bank account transfer
Personal Money Transfers Yes View comparison
Business Money Transfers Yes View comparison
Small Money Transfers (below £1,000) Yes View comparison
Travel Money No View providers
Transfer money online Yes Sign up for a FREE account
Transfer money using app Yes Read about apps
Transfer money on telephone Yes
24/7 Support No
Currency provider information Leader in UK and Europe
Regulated by: FCA
Risk management tools Yes Read more about risk control

Potential alternatives to Currencies Direct

We rate Currencies Direct number 1 for Personal Money Transfers however there are some reasons for considering other money transfer companys:

Transferwise can be better for small money transfers (lower than £2,000)

moneycorp offers very competitive exchange rates for business money transfers because they transfer huge amounts of currency (meaning they can achieve better rates for your business) they have very high buying power with their currency exchange providers. moneycorp also trade in 120 currencies compared with 40 offered by Currencies Direct so if Currencies Direct cannot help we recommend trying moneycorp. Read more about Currencies Direct Vs moneycorp

OFX can be better if you are transferring to or from Australia or New Zealand or Asian countries is headquartered in Australia and listed on the Australia Stock Exhcange and if you are transferring to or from Australia or New Zealand or Asian countries you may benefit from local knowledge offered by them.

FairFX provide travel money (a service not available from Currencies Direct).

Currencies Direct Money Transfers Explained:

Spot contract: Simply get a quote and trade at the provided quoted exchange rate.

Forward contract: Fix the exchange rate for a payment in the future. Simply lock-in todays exchange rate for buying a product or service at a date no more than 1 year in the future. You will just to need to make a partial payment today and the remainder of the transaction will not need to be paid for until the date agreed. Forward contracts protect you from market exchange rate fluctuations.

Limit order: If you do not need to move money instantly, you can set a desired exchange rate that you are comfortable exchanging money at. Once this target exchange rate is reached Currencies Direct will make the transfer of money immediately.

You can trade online using a computer, table or smartphone (mobile website or downloadable app). They are also available via telephone.

Currencies Direct is FCA regulated in the UK and their credit rating is the highest achieveable.

Currencies Direct Business Money Transfers

Expand global reach of the your business with international money transfers from Currencies Direct. You can receive and manage multiple currencies with one simple online account. Plus you can make outgoing payments in over 120 currencies. You also have access to spot contracts, forward contracts and limit orders which are explained above (these risk management tools are often used in business to mitigate cash flow fluctuations due to exchange rate movements).

You can also talk on the phone with Currencies Direct traders to get an insight into currency fluctuation to help with the timing of your currency exchange transactions.