Privacy Policy

www.international-money-transfer.com is a trading name of Micro and Macro Ltd. By continuing to use the www.international-money-transfer.com website your are bound by these terms and conditions of use and the Privacy Policy explained on this page.

The privacy policy explains how international-money-transfer.com uses your personal data which is used to provide the best experience when using the website. We explain the types of personal information we receive and collect when you visit and use international-money-transfer.com as well as how we secure your personal information provided. You can also find out how to opt out should you want to opt out of providing us with your personal data. When visiting and using/browsing www.international-money-transfer.com you are accepting the use of cookies and the use of your personal data as set out in our Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy is subject to change at any time, as we aim to provide more services, information, improve business practices, employ new technologies, etc for the users(s) of www.international-money-transfer.com. You should revisit this privacy policy set out below from time to time to ensure you are familiar with how your personal data is being used by www.international-money-transfer.com.

External links

We feature links to external websites at www.international-money-transfer.com. When clicking a link to visit another website the privacy policy here at exchange-rates.com is invalid and you should read the privacy policy of the website you are viewing. Even though the link was from www.international-money-transfer.com our privacy policy does not cover your interaction and browsing of other websites other than www.international-money-transfer.com.

Adverts at www.exchange-rates.com

Adverts at www.exchange-rates.com keep the website free to access and use. We use your personal data to target adverts towards you. Your interests such as browsing history are used to target the adverts to your computer. Please read more below about how we use your actions and personal data at www.international-money-transfer.com.

Visitors to www.international-money-transfer.com, your actions and your personal data

Our website, app and affiliates places cookies or similar technology on your device. These cookies collect personal data from your browsing of international-money-transfer.com such as Google Analytics which can help us to identify trends and provide you with the best experience when visiting international-money-transfer.com. Further use of your personal data is described below:

Cookies are used to target adverts specific to user(s) when browsing the website or using the currency converter app (for example geotargeting you with adverts for London if you are visiting from a computer in London, UK).

Cookies provide us with analytics to identify trends to help improve the website functionality to match the requirements of the users of www.international-money-transfer.com.

When contacting us with queries, suggestions/comments on the website, complaints, etc. via our email address info@international-money-transfer.com - we may retain the email content, email address and your name and use them to reply to you.

Details of websites that you came from are collected by Google Adsense, our advertising partner, to allow them to provide relevant adverts based on your previous browsing history.

Your social media username will be used, if you interact with us through social media channels, to respond to your comments questions and feedback.

Opt out of cookies

Software can be bought to opt of having cookies downloaded to your device(s). This may affect the experience when browsing international-money-transfer.com.

You can also delete cookies from your device(s) however if you choose to visit international-money-transfer.com again in the future a new cookie will be added to your device.

We provide international money transfers via affiliates. Cookies are used when you click an affiliate link from www.international-money-transfer.com to sign up for a money transfer account. When you click through to an affiliate(s) website you are then bound by their privacy policy and terms and conditions of use at their website. The terms and conditions and Privacy Policy at international-money-transfer.com no longer apply. We do not provide financial advice and cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions when using affiliates to transfer money.

How and why do we use your personal data?

international-money-transfer.com aims to provide the user(s) with the best possible experience. The data we have about you helps us to improve the website and browsing experience.

You can choose not to share your personal data with us. However, a result of this may be a diminished quality of service when visiting and using the international-money-transfer.com website.

Contacting international-money-transfer.com

When you contact us, we will use your contact details (name, email address, content of your email etc) to respond to your query, suggestion, complaint, etc.

How we protect your personal data

We protect your personal data with care and security procedures are in place.

We use secure access throughout every webpage of the website by employing the use of 'https' technology which is by using secured SSL encryption.

Who do we share your personal data with?

Cookies are added to your device when you visit www.international-money-transfer.com. If you choose to click the affiliate links from www.exchange-rates.com to an affilate a cookie will be added to your device also. We may also share website statistics with affiliates to help improve the functionality and usability of www.international-money-transfer.com in relation to international money transfers.

Your right to withdraw consent

To withdraw your consent for your personal data to be collected and used by Google Analytics and Google Adsense we suggest that you download the appropriate software to your device.