Business Money Transfer for International Payments

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If you own or manage a business that trades foreign currency you will need to make business money transfers. There are different ways to exchange currency which are mainly:

1. Use your local bank or Bureau de Change
2. Use an International Money Transfer Company

Businesses compared with consumers will likely be transferring larger quantities of currency and perhaps on a more frequent basis too. You may be importing and exporting goods, you may be paying wages in a foreign currency if your business has offices abroad, you may be paying for business travel, etc.

International Trading on the Internet and Business Money Transfers

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Importing and exporting and business money transfers

If your business money transfers requirements are for buying stock the imports from abroad will need paying for in a foreign currency. Imports for your business may be on a frequent basis and changing exchange rates will lead to changing costs for your business. Using a forex broker rather than a bank, they will provide you with crucially better exchange rates. Not only this, they will send you via email news updates about the currency exchange rate you are interested in to help you understand the direction of the market to help with the timing of your transactions.

Exporters similary will benefit from market knowledge and better exchange rates with using a forex broker for their business money transfers.

Are International Money Transfer Companies safe to make foreign currency transactions with?

Many forex brokers that offer International Money Transfers are safe to make transaction with. www.exchange-rates.com compares and recommends money transfer companies for your international business money transfers.

Many international money transfer companies have a long trading history over many decades and they have very high credit ratings with leading credit rating companies.

Competitive business exchange rates for business money transfers

The exchange rates offered by www.exchange-rates.com are mid-market rates. Competitive money transfer companies are compared by www.international-money-transfer.com. If you are using your local bank or Bureau de Change you should be able to save money on your business foreign payments by using international money transfer companies instead.

How many currencies can I trade?

You can trade to over 100 currencies using leading money transfer companies.

Manage foreign currency exposure

moneycorp offers hedging of foreign currency risk. Foreign currency risk management can protect your business money transfers from fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rate movements.

Know your cash flow today for future business trading

With business money transfers you can 'lock in' an exchange rate today for a future transaction. Future exposures are the main reason to know your cash flow because if you are exposed to currency exchange rates movements this could seriously affect your cash flow (resulting in losses if you must exchange currency at unfavourable exchange rates).

Currency app for business money transfers online

Trade currency on the go using currency apps. Money transfer company websites are also fully mobile friendly if you want to make business money transfers online.

Target an exchange rate

You can also target an exchange rate, meaning you do not need to keep checking the latest rates. Simply enter your target rate at your chosen money transfer website and they will contact you when the preffered/target exchange rate is reached.